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Now you can get everyone together for meetings using Teleconferencing whenever you want without making a reservation in advance. Work efficiently and effectively with colleagues, customers and suppliers, without any restrictions on the date, time, duration or number of participants.

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Conduct secure automated teleconferences whenever you want without ever having to reserve the call in advance, or specifying the date, time, duration or number of participants. Your pass-codes are in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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To Join GlobalMeet Teleconference:

  • Dial the toll free access number 1-866-384-4004 from anywhere
  • Enter your Pass-Code, followed by the # key
  • The system will then prompt you to record your name followed by the # key
  • You will then enter the Teleconference
  • Important Notes

Teleconferencing Services:

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Reservationless Automated Teleconferencing allows you to conduct secure teleconferences whenever you wish without ever making a reservation prior to the Call. There are a number of options you can use to customize your Automated Conference:

Entry/Exit Tones

Distinct tones let you know when participants enter or exit the Call. The default is to have the tones activated. If you do large Calls (30+ Participants), you might consider removing the tones.

Name Prompt

Incoming participants are prompted to record their name prior to entering the Call. By pressing *8, the Moderator can listen to an Automated roll call, hearing the participants' recorded names.

Name Announce

If you choose Name Prompt, you can also have the participant's names played into the Call as they enter. While this feature adds to the security of a Call, the recording can be intrusive to large Calls.

Live Entry/Participant Wait

You have the choice of allowing your participants to speak amongst themselves before the Moderator has joined the Call or have them wait with music on hold until the Moderator has joined the call. Once you have entered your Moderator Pass-Code, all people on the call will instantaneously be able to communicate.

Call Record

You can choose to have all of your Calls automatically recorded, none of your Calls recorded, or to be prompted to record calls on an individual basis. If you choose to record a Call, a link to a digital recording is sent to your email within minutes of the Call's end. If you ever need to take the minutes of a meeting, this is an excellent option to use.

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Controls and User Guide

Your Pass-Codes are set up and administered through Tbaytel Enterprise Solutions. You are free to use them any time as they are in effect 24/7. This means you now have the freedom to conduct call with no restrictions to the day, time, duration or size of your audio conference....Reservation Free! For your security, never provide your moderator Pass-Code to anyone and never borrow someone else's participant Pass-Code.

Confrence User Guide

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