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Business customers: Tbaytel fibre services, with up to 1Gbps Internet, may be available upon fibre assessment

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*Limited time offer. EverythingCard gift card is available to customers signing up for new 2-year term services on Internet (Fibre 50 or higher, High Speed Max or higher) and/or TV (Basic TV or higher), and Security Monitoring on a 3-year term. EverythingCard will be sent via email within 30 days of the customer’s completed installation. Services must be installed by March 31, 2023 to receive EverythingCard. Offer, plans and pricing subject to change without notice. Promotional pricing applies to new residential customers who have not subscribed to applicable services in the past 3 months. Promotional pricing for Internet includes plans from 25 Mbps up to 1Gbps. Promotional pricing for TV includes Basic TV plan. Additional theme packs or plan upgrades are extra. *$250 buy out credit applied as $150 per Internet sign up and $100 per TV sign up and require 24-month commitment. Early cancellation will result in a penalty of $10/month for Internet and $5/month for TV for the number of months remaining. Promotional pricing for Internet and TV services reflects prices after bundle discounts are applied. After fixed promotional pricing ends, regular in-market pricing will take effect. Hardware provided by Tbaytel are considered rentals and must be returned to Tbaytel if service is cancelled or penalties may apply. Only set top boxes that are connected to respective TV’s at the time of the initial installation will be provided as part of this promotion. Services are subject to availability where access and technology permit.

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