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At Tbaytel, we recognize that creating a better and brighter neighbourhood for everyone starts at home. Our workforce is made up of dedicated individuals who live out this commitment each and every day, and we support their work through comprehensive benefits, performance and recognition programs, training, a strong work-life balance and career growth opportunities.

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Tbaytel is committed to fostering a culture of Respect in the workplace — a culture where diversity is valued, where individuals feel their contributions are recognized and acknowledged, and where expectations regarding behaviour are clearly articulated and modeled by leadership.

Ultimately, Tbaytel is working to create an environment that encourages and values trust and respect, and enables us to build and cultivate more meaningful, richer relationships.

Every employee is accountable for their personal behaviour in the workplace, but fostering a culture of Respect is a collective responsibility. Tbaytel has established a team of Respect Champions, consisting of employee and management representatives from all areas of the company, who are charged with promoting and helping to uphold a culture of Respect in the workplace and in the community.

Tbaytel builds a culture of health and safety from the ground up.

Tbaytel employees throughout all levels of the organization – from front line staff to managers and our Executive Management Team – are dedicated not only to promoting a culture of health and safety at work, but to living it in the community as well. We pride ourselves on being an industry leader dedicated to the health of our workers and the safety of our community.

With an employee base of 407 dedicated staff members, Tbaytel understands the importance of educating our employees and constantly making improvements to our health and safety training program.

At Tbaytel, we believe that knowledge and prevention is an integral part of workplace safety and we equip every worker from the first day on the job with the tools and knowledge they need to identify hazards, prevent risk and protect themselves and the co-workers around them.

Tbaytel’s Joint Health & Safety Committee is made up of both management and unionized staff who work collaboratively so Tbaytel’s employees can confidently call their workplace a safe place. Responsible for bringing occupational health and safety policies and procedures into practice, Tbaytel’s Joint Health & Safety is committed to ensuring that applicable health and safety legislation becomes best practice throughout all levels of the organization.

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Tbaytel strives to provide a safe environment for its customers, employees and assets. To support this goal, Tbaytel requires that all individuals acting in their capacity as employees, students, and contractors for Tbaytel undergo a Criminal Records Check (CRC).

Tbaytel will review the CRC to determine if the offence(s) are relative to the bona fide job requirements.

Criminal Records Checks will be conducted in a discreet and confidential manner, in the interest of Tbaytel and for public safety of the community served by Tbaytel.

What is a Criminal Records Check?

A Criminal Records Check is a CRC which searches the National repository for criminal records in Canada via the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC). It also identifies pending criminal code charges and outstanding warrants.

For more information on obtaining a record suspension please visit the Parole Board of Canada.

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At Tbaytel, our employees know exactly what it takes to provide an exceptional customer experience throughout every level of our organization. Our skilled and knowledgeable workforce put customers and community first and live that commitment through the work they do each and every day.

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