Can-Am Police-Fire Games

Tbaytel invests in people and organizations to build strong and healthy communities. That's why Tbaytel was proud to step up as the presenting sponsor of the 2016 Can-Am Police-Fire Games, an event that promotes physical fitness and camaraderie among emergency and protective services.

Building Team Spirit

Summer competes in beach volleyball, powerlifting and 3D archery and explains, "It's fun to compete against our colleagues that we work with on a day-to-day basis but don't really get the chance to know." The Games pushed Summer to broaden her experience and motivated her to ramp up her training.

Embracing Athleticism

Frank has been training full force since January to score big in the Toughest Competitor Alive. “It’s a good chance to get back in shape and resume real training,” he says, “but I’ve also chosen some `lighter’ events to get to know people under less intense circumstances — like on the bocce court with guys from the department on Team Italia, or over the billiards table.”

Building a Service Community

George is a first-time games participant and having a great time training: building relationships with guys from other fire halls on a softball team, battling it out with his doubles tennis partner, and creating a four-person golf scramble with 2 Fire and 2 OPP officers – aptly named Guns + Hoses. “What’s not to like?” remarks George. “We’re improving our physical fitness, and mentally it helps to blow off steam playing sports. And my kids think it’s great – I ran the Fire Fighters 10 Mile Road Race with my daughter! She’s 12.”

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