Zone Watch

We proudly support the Zone Watch program, helping make Thunder Bay safer for everyone.

Meet Brooke

Northern Ontarian born and bred, Constable Brooke Pilley takes pride in his work as a zone officer with the Thunder Bay Police Service. When Brooke joined the force in 2012, he was new when zone policing launched and “they were looking for volunteers,” he explains. “I like dealing with the public and this was a great way to jump in and start my policing career with road patrol work focused on a specific area.”

Meet Jodi

Jodi was born with a caring gene. After studying social work, she spent a decade working at Shelter House Thunder Bay that she calls an “eye-opening experience” where she saw dramatic increases in poverty, homelessness, and substance abuse. Jodi recognizes that left unsolved, these social issues have a direct influence on crime rates and call volumes for police. “As a member of the community and as a taxpayer, I see things going on and I want to affect change,” says Jodi. “Sitting around doing nothing is not affecting change. Reading people’s social network feeds is not affecting change, so what can I do?”

Meet Chantal

Chantal is a gal on the go. Immediately after graduating from the Police Foundations program at Confederation College, Chantal looked for opportunities to interact with the community. Now her plate is full: in addition to chairing the Thunder Bay Crime Prevention Council Education Working Group, providing a student perspective to the Police Foundations Program Advisory Committee, and participating in the Thunder Bay Public Library’s Readers are Leaders program; Chantal is an active member of the Thunder Bay Police Service Zone Watch program. Phew.

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