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Neighbourhood OnDemand

You make the content, we'll put it on Tbaytel TV

Tbaytel prides itself in offering diverse programming that appeals to the varying interest of its subscribers. That is why we are proud to offer members of the community the ability to submit videos to be aired OnDemand on Tbaytel’s TV service. It is the perfect way to allow our neighbours to share the many things that make our community great.

If you are interested in applying to have your video broadcast on Tbaytel’s TV service, please read all the details below, before submitting an application.

Qualify for Neighbourhood OnDemand

The airing of videos on Tbaytel’s TV service is provided to members of the community through a review process. Approval of content is at the discretion of Tbaytel.

During the review process, Tbaytel will ensure the following criteria at a minimum are met:

  • Objectives are clear and do not conflict with the goals of Tbaytel
  • Content is age appropriate
  • Content is not primarily intended for advertising of products and services
  • Content has a demonstrated appeal within the community
  • Video is of good audio and video quality required for airing on TV
  • Video is in one of the 4 following video formats: MP4, AVI, MPG or MOV

Tips for submitting a TV quality video:

  • Plan your video ahead of time. This will help ensure things go smoothly and you capture what is intended
  • When shooting with a phone or tablet, ensure it is in the landscape position, not portrait
  • If there is music playing in the background, ensure you are the rightful owner of the music, or have been given approval by the creator of the music. If you have not received approval, do not include music in your video submission
  • If you are not shooting in a public location, ensure you have received consent from anyone in your video
  • Try to keep background noise to a minimum, so information being conveyed is easy to hear and understand
  • Use both hands to stabilize your device so your video footage is smooth when on TV

Submit Neighbourhood OnDemand

Applications will be accepted throughout the year and reviewed weekly. Applicants will be notified of the status of their application upon completion of Tbaytel’s review and if approved, content will be uploaded for viewing OnDemand on Tbaytel’s TV service in the applicable category.

  • Contact Information

  • Phone Number
  • Video Information

  • Airing Dates

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  • - -

  • After clicking submit you will be presented a link where you can upload your video

Neighbourhood OnDemand Terms of Service

By submitting an application to Tbaytel for broadcasting of your video on Tbatytel’s TV service you agree to the following:

  • You are the rightful owner of the content. If you are not the rightful owner, you have received the permission of the owner to share the content.
  • You do not have music within your video that was produced by someone else. If you do, you have gone through the appropriate process to pay the applicable audio tariffs and/or received consent from the original producer.
  • You agree to allow Tbaytel to air submitted content OnDemand on its Tbaytel TV service. Content will be viewable by all subscribers to Tbaytel and may include public viewing in some businesses.
  • You agree to allow Tbaytel to place the content in the appropriate category. In addition, you agree to allow Tbaytel to remove the content at its discretion.
  • You agree to absolve Tbaytel of any liability that may occur from the airing of the content submitted.
  • You agree that you have received consent from people shown within the video, if you are not shooting in a public location.
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