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Unifi Software Update

Tbaytel Business customers using an outdated version of Unifi Software were sent the following email:

Tbaytel Unifi - Soft Client Update Notice

Our records indicate that you are currently using an outdated version of Tbaytel's Unifi Soft Client. As a result, the application you are currently using needs to be updated on or before May 30, 2023. To perform this update, please complete the following:

  1. Log out of the current version of the Unifi Soft Client application.
  2. Uninstall the Unifi Soft Client application from your computer.
  3. Visit to download the latest software version. Once the software is downloaded, execute the download file to install the new Unifi Soft Client.
  4. After installation is complete, proceed to log in with your existing Unifi credentials.

Please complete this update prior to May 30, 2023 to avoid service disruption as your current Unifi Soft Client will no longer work after this date.

Contact our business sales support team if you have any questions or concerns at 807-623-8800 or email

This email was sent by Tbaytel and is legitimate. Users are requested to complete this update prior to May 30, 2023.

Canada-wide Universal Call Blocking Implemented

In an effort to protect our customers against unsolicited and fraudulent calls on November 2019 (wireless service) and December 2019 (wireline telephone service) Tbaytel has implemented Universal Call Blocking as part of the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission's (CRTC) recent mandate.

In December 2018, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) directed all Canadian Telecommunications Service Providers to implement universal network-level call blocking (UCB) in an effort to reduce unwanted nuisance calls.

On November 2019 (wireless service) and December 2019 (wireline telephone service), Tbaytel has implemented UCB on its wireline and wireless networks, for all incoming voice calls. As per CRTC’s directives, UCB blocks calls where the caller identification (i) exceeds 15 digits, or (ii) is malformed and does not conform to a dialable number for calls initiated under the North American Numbering Plan. UCB applies to all Time-division multiplexing ("TDM") and Session Initiation Protocol ("SIP") interconnections.

Malformed Numbers
Malformed numbers can come in many forms i.e. 000-000-0000 or 111-111-1111, however any number less than 7 digits does not comply with North American Number Standards and anything more than 15 digits does not comply to International standards.

Please be aware that UCB may impact voice calls made by Tbaytel customers. If you are using non-conforming numbers, your equipment will need to be re-programmed so calls are not inadvertently blocked. For example, you are using a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) with malformed caller identification. This results in outbound calls being blocked by all Canadian Networks.

Nuisance Call Recording
In an effort to indicate whether network-level call blocking is reducing the volume of nuisance calls, Tbaytel and all other Canadian providers are recording nuisance call complaints received from customers for review by the CRTC. If you are still experiencing nuisance calls, please contact Tbaytel at 807-623-4400 (local) or 1-800-264-9501 (Toll Fee) to provide details of the nuisance call you received.

Internet & TV Price Changes Effective January 1, 2023

***Please note that if you are currently on a promotional plan with fixed pricing, you will continue to pay the promotional rate until the offer has expired.***

Internet Pricing Changes

Plan Current Regular Rate Current Bundled Rate New Regular Rate New Bundled Rate
High Speed Lite $50.95/mo $45.95/mo $54.95/mo $49.95/mo
Fibre 5 $63.95/mo $58.95/mo $67.95/mo $62.95/mo
High Speed / Fibre 10 $68.95/mo $63.95/mo $72.95/mo $67.95/mo
High Speed Plus / Fibre 15 $72.95/mo $67.95/mo $76.95/mo $71.95/mo
High Speed Max / Fibre 25 $85.95/mo $80.95/mo $89.95/mo $84.95/mo
High Speed 50 / Fibre 50 $90.95/mo $85.95/mo $94.95/mo $89.95/mo
Fibre 150 $98.95/mo $93.95/mo $102.95/mo $97.95/mo
Fibre 400 $107.95/mo $102.95/mo $111.95/mo $106.95/mo
Fibre Gigabit $117.95/mo $112.95/mo $121.95/mo $116.95/mo
Legacy Plans Pricing varies, please contact us if your plan is not listed above

Consumption of Internet usage by today’s consumers has continued to grow with the increase of in-home connected devices, 4K streaming and gaming. In an effort to continue to meet the needs of customers, Tbaytel continues to upgrade and invest in its 100% true fibre network and in-home connectivity equipment in an environment of increasing costs. Tbaytel's investment in delivering a great Internet experience has resulted in more and more homes being fibre eligible than ever before, along with the latest WiFi technology available. In addition, Tbaytel continues to offer many free features to its customers including enhanced network protection and home network visibility and control through the Tbaytel WiFi app.

TV Pricing Changes

Plan Current Regular Rate Current Bundled Rate New Regular Rate New Bundled Rate
Essentials TV $29.95/mo $24.95/mo $29.95/mo $24.95/mo
Basic TV $55.95/mo $50.95/mo $57.95/mo $52.95/mo
Deluxe TV $75.95/mo $70.95/mo $77.95/mo $72.95/mo
Supreme TV $93.95/mo $88.95/mo $97.95/mo $92.95/mo
Ultimate TV $125.95/mo $120.95/mo $129.95/mo $124.95/mo

Each year the costs to provide our customers with TV service increase, including the costs to acquire programming. Content creators continually create new shows which causes a rise in their production budgets. To offset the costs of these rising production costs, content producers pass the additional expense to content providers like Tbaytel for the rights to broadcast their programming.

Each year Tbaytel is committed to enhancing our TV service by adding new channels, features and app to ensure that Tbaytel TV customers have a better TV watching experience.

Business Internet Pricing Changes

Plan Current Rate New Rate
Internet DSL - Business Promo $37.95/mo $40.95/mo
Business Internet Lite $54.95/mo $57.95/mo
Bus.Fibre 10 $58.95/mo $61.95/mo
Business Fibre 10 / Business Internet 10 / Stand Alone – Bus. Internet $70.95/mo $73.95/mo
Business Fibre 15 / Business Internet 15 / Stand Alone – Bus. Internet 15 $74.95/mo $77.95/mo
Internet DSL - Business Package / Stand Alone DSL - Business Package $79.95/mo $82.95/mo
Business Fibre 25 / Business Internet 25 / Stand Alone – Bus. Internet 25 $88.95/mo $91.95/mo
Business Fibre 50 / Business Internet 50 / Stand Alone – Bus. Internet 50 $104.95/mo $107.95/mo

Business TV Pricing Changes

Plan Current Rate New Rate
Essentials TV Business $29.95/mo $29.95/mo
Basic TV Business $55.95/mo $57.95/mo
Deluxe TV Business $75.95/mo $77.95/mo
Supreme TV Business $93.95/mo $97.95/mo
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