Authorized User Waiver

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Additional Authorized User

Is there an additional primary ID

You are currently the primary account holder on a Tbaytel account (the "Account"). You are requesting permission to add an individual to your account (the "Authorized User"). Prior to completing the registration of the Authorized User, you must agree to the following.

By registering an Authorized User, you are agreeing and acknowledging that the Authorized User may act on your behalf to administer and manage the account, and furthermore, they will be authorized to receive and consent on your behalf to certain requests from Tbaytel. For example, if a device on the account is roaming in another country and incurring additional charges, Tbaytel may suspend roaming capabilities or data usage; the Authorized User is authorized to provide consent to Tbaytel to bill the additional usage and applicable charges, rather than suspend these services.

By proceeding, you are confirming and agreeing that the Authorized User may manage the Account, including, but not limited to making general account and billing inquiries, performing plan or feature changes, activating new services, making payment arrangements for accounts in arrears, suspending and reconnecting services for lost phones, reconnecting services that were suspended for non-payment, and performing wireless hardware upgrades. You understand that such changes made by an Authorized User may lead to increased charges, such as hardware commitment costs, service costs, and connections costs. These charges may be one time payments, or may be ongoing monthly payments. You are responsible for all changes made to the Account by an Authorized User and all charges incurred as a result.

You understand that devices can be used to acquire or purchase goods, content and services like ring tones, graphics, games, applications and news alerts (“Content”). You understand that you are responsible for all charges associated with such Content purchases from any device assigned to the Account, and that these charges will appear on your bill. You are giving the Authorized User your authority to:

  • Make Content purchases from their device, and to incur charges for those content purchases that will appear on your bill;
  • Give consent required for that content, including the consent to use their location information to deliver customized information to their device;
  • Consent to remove Data Blocks and bill over data cap or data roaming cap;
  • Make any representation required for that Content, including a representation of their age, if required

Be advised that the Authorized User’s personal information and other account details may be included in account statements, and may be shared with the Primary Account Holder. An Authorized User will not be granted permission to request, add or change a password or password information associated with any Tbaytel account or system.You agree that you are responsible for communicating this to any Authorized User on your Account.

An Authorized User is not responsible for any debt on the Account but is otherwise responsible to adhere to the mobility contract, as well as all Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies of the Account, as amended from time to time. You are responsible for informing them of the mobility contract, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of the Account, and all other information you may receive about your Account, and of any changes to any of these.

Tbaytel reserves the right to terminate an Authorized User from an Account for any reason, and to refuse to allow you to add an Authorized User, in our sole and absolute discretion, including for owing money on another account or for having an account cancelled previously.

By completing the form below you are confirming that you understand and agree to be bound by the above terms.

Rendered by:WWW-C01-PRD-01.