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Mobility Expansion

Future Network Upgrades

New Sites

  • Hampton LTE - Winter 2021

Completed Network Upgrades

Site Improvements

  • Cloud Lake - LTE
  • Crooks - LTE
  • Emerald Greens - LTE
  • Highway 61 - LTE
  • Intercity Shopping Centre - In-building LTE
  • Intola - LTE
  • Mapleward - LTE
  • Mink Mountain - LTE
  • Norwester - LTE
  • Parkdale - LTE
  • Oliver - LTE
  • One Island - LTE
  • Pigeon River - LTE
  • Sistonens - LTE
  • Townline Rd - LTE
  • Whitefish - LTE
  • Whitewater - LTE

New Sites

  • Community Hall Road - LTE
  • Dog Lake - LTE
  • McCluskeys - LTE
  • Shebandowan - LTE
  • South Gillies - LTE
  • Surprise Lake - LTE
  • Walsh - LTE

Future Network Upgrades

Site Improvements

  • Batchawana LTE (Hwy 17E) - Fall 2021
  • Bellevue LTE (Hwy 105) - Fall 2021
  • Kashabowie LTE (Hwy 11W) - Fall 2021
  • Neys CBC LTE (Hwy 17E) - Fall 2021
  • Savanne LTE (Hwy 17W) - Winter 2021
  • Tunnel Island LTE (Kenora) - Fall 2021
  • Wangoon LTE (Hwy 101) - Winter 2021

New Sites

  • Manitouwadge LTE - Fall 2021
  • Lost Lake LTE (Sioux Lookout) - Winter 2021

Completed Network Upgrades

Site Improvements

  • Bergland (Rainy River) - LTE
  • Burditt (Hwy 71) - LTE
  • Camp Robinson (Hwy 105) - LTE
  • Crow Lake (Hwy 71) - LTE
  • Dearlock LTE (Hwy 71) - LTE
  • Desolation Lake (Hwy 17E) - LTE
  • Dinorwic (Dryden) - LTE
  • Dubreuiville - LTE
  • Emo (Hwy 11W) - LTE
  • Flanders (Hwy 11W) - LTE
  • Gagne Lake (Hwy 11W) - LTE
  • Hearst - LTE
  • Hemlo (Hwy 17E) - LTE
  • Hilly Lake (Kenora) - LTE
  • Hodgeson (Hwy 17W) - LTE
  • Horn (Hwy 17E) - LTE
  • Kenora Airport - LTE
  • Kenora Bypass - LTE
  • Kenora College - LTE
  • Keewatin Water Tower (Kenora) - LTE
  • Marathon - LTE
  • McNevin (Hwy 17W) - LTE
  • Mellick (Kenora) - LTE
  • Michipicoten (Hwy 17E) - LTE
  • Montreal River (Hwy 17E) - LTE
  • Nestor Falls (Hwy 71) - LTE
  • Nickel Lake - LTE
  • Pays Plat (Hwy 17E) - LTE
  • Perrault Falls (Hwy 105) - LTE
  • Pic Mobert (Hwy 17E) - LTE
  • Pic River (Hwy 17E) - LTE
  • Pinewood (Rainy River) - LTE
  • Raleigh - LTE
  • Red Lake Downtown - LTE
  • Sapawe (Hwy 11W) - LTE
  • Stratton (Hwy 11W) - LTE
  • Valley Drive (Kenora) - LTE
  • War Eagle (Kenora) - LTE
  • White River - LTE

New Sites

  • Hwy 658 (Kenora) - LTE
  • Longbow (Kenora) - LTE
  • Nakina Highway - LTE
  • Nipigon - LTE
  • Thunder Lake (Dryden) - LTE
  • Oxdrift (Dryden) - LTE
  • Waldhof (Dryden) - LTE
  • Nakina Train Station - LTE

Fibre Expansion

Broad Oaks Fibrehood

Broad Oaks

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Mapleward Fibrehood


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Mount Forest Fibrehood

Mount Forest

Check Availability
Map of Pineview-Sycamore Fibrehood


Check Availability
Map of Rosslyn Rd stage 2 Fibrehood

Rosslyn Rd 2

Check Availability
Map of Spruce-Hemlock Fibrehood


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Congratulations! Listed below are the Tbaytel services available to serve your address
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Sorry! Our records do not currently show services available for your address. But please reach out to us via the options below, we may still be able to help!

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Business customers: Tbaytel fibre services, with up to 1Gbps Internet, may be available upon fibre assessment

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Glossary of Terms

Definitions and descriptions of some terms and equipment we use.

Fibre Project Status

Preliminary Work
This is the preparation work required before we start running fibre and working on your property. This can include surveying, locates or digging.
This is the work along back lanes, roads, easements and telephone poles. This can include digging trenches, drilling under driveways or sidewalks or installing cabinets in your neighbourhood.
Line Work
This is the work we do to run fibre from our network to the newly installed equipment in your neighbourhood. At this phase, we will also complete any remediation work necesssary to return a property to its original condition.
Fibre is Ready
Work in your neighbourhood is complete, and Fibre is ready to be connected to your home or business

Fibre Equipment and Terms

Buried Service
Some neighbourhoods have buried service, which require the installation of conduits to pull fibre lines into your home.
Aerial Service
Aerial neighbourhoods have fibre, telephone and/or hydro lines attached to poles along a road or back lane. We will run a fibre line from the pole, overhead to your home or business.
A cabinet is a large, usually grey box installed on an easement or boulevard which will distribute fibre to the homes in the area.
Conduit is a narrow, hollow pipe installed which Fibre lines will be pulled through.
Optical Network Terminal is small box which will be installed in your home. It converts a fibre-optic signal to a digital signal that your network equipment can use.
An easement is a portion of your property which utilities are granted the legal right to enter and use to install or maintain equipment or infrastructure. Easements are typically found along the front, side or back of your property. It is best to consult your local municipal office for specific easement information that applies to you.

*The boundaries described in the fibre coverage maps are intended to represent an approximate fibre coverage area, and do not guarantee or promise fibre availability. Please refer to our availability tool for actual fibre coverage. Coverage may be altered at any time and without notice.

*The four statuses provided for current fibre projects are intended to represent an approximation of progress. The descriptions may differ slightly from the actual work being done as each project will have its own unique requirements and timeline. This update should not be used as a prediction or timeline for when Fibre will be available in any neighbourhood. 'Preliminary Work' may refer to any surveying, locates, digging or other work to prepare for a fibre install. 'Construction' may refer to work on telephone poles, installation of pedestals or digging and drilling along easements. 'Line Work' may refer to connecting fibre optic cable from our network to the neighbourhood, plus any required remediation work to return a property to its original condition. 'Fibre is Ready' indicates that work is complete and Fibre is ready to be connected to a home or business in the neighbourhood.

*Fibre launch dates are estimates only and are not guaranteed in any way. Dates are subject to change at any time.

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