The Copyright Modernization Act

In compliance with the Canadian Copyright Modernization Act Notice and Notice Regime all Canadian Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are required to attempt to notify their customers of any allegations of copyright infringement received from copyright holders, effective January 2, 2015.

To Submit a Copyright Infringement Notice

If you are a copyright holder or designated representative, please follow the steps outlined below to submit a copyright infringement notice:

Step 1: Submit an email outlining the details of the suspected copyright infringement to ensuring your subject line includes the keyword ‘copyright’.

In addition to an individual’s name, direct contact information and interest or affiliation with the infringed work - all of which are required - the introduction or greeting of your email message may contain whatever information you wish to include; however, the detailed information pertaining to the copyright infringement specifically must be submitted in the following format:


Subject: [Ensure your subject line contains the word "copyright"]

Protocol: [Please include the site or source used for the copyright infringement]
Offence Date and Time: [Please include the date and time that the copyright infringement occurred]
Recent Infringement Timestamp: [Please include the last modified date and time]
Infringed Work: [Please include the title of the work]
Infringing File Name: [Please include the electronic file name of the infringed work]
Infringing File Size: [Please include the file size of the infringed work]
Infringer's IP Address: [Please include the IP address identified for the copyright infringement]
Infringer's Port: [Please include the port ID number identified for the copyright infringement]
Infringer’s User Name: [Please include the user name of the copyright infringer – if available]
URL: [Please include the URL associated with the infringement – if available]

- - ---Start ACNS XML
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Infringement xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
        <ID>Case ID Number</ID>
        <Status>Case Status</Status>
        <Entity>Complainant Entity Name</Entity>
        <Contact>Complainant Contact Name</Contact>
        <Address>Complainant Address</Address>
        <Phone>Complainant Phone</Phone>
        <Email>Complainant Email</Email>
        <TimeStamp>Offence Date and Time</TimeStamp>
        <IP_Address>Infringer's IP Address</IP_Address>
        <Port>Infringer's Port</Port>
        <Type>Protocol Site or Source</Type>
        <Number_Files>Number of Files</Number_Files>
            <TimeStamp>Offence Date and Time</TimeStamp>
            <Title>Infringed Work Title</Title>
            <FileName>Infringing File Name</FileName>
            <FileSize>Infringing File Size</FileSize>
            <URL>URL Associated with Infringement</URL>
- - ---End ACNS XML

For more information on this format please refer to the Automated Copyright Notice System (ACNS) website.

Note: To ensure Tbaytel is effectively managing incoming infringement notices under the Notice and Notice Regime, any infringement notices received by Tbaytel that do not adhere to the above mentioned format will not be accepted.

Step 2: Tbaytel will reply to your infringement notice within a feasible amount of time to notify you if the information you provided mapped successfully to a Tbaytel user and to verify if your notice was forwarded successfully or not.

If You Received a Copyright Infringement Notice from Tbaytel

If you have any questions about a copyright notice you received, please contact the individual referenced in the infringement notice directly. This will be a copyright holder or an authorized designate. The individual’s contact information - as well as his or her interest in the work reported to have been infringed upon - is included in the notice that was sent to Tbaytel and forwarded to you.

To Learn More

Learn more about the Copyright Modernization Act or other amendments to Canada's Copyright Act by visiting the Copyright Board of Canada website.

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