Register for Text-911 Service

To register for T-911 service, please complete the online registration form below.


Ensure that you have a compatible mobile phone before registering for your T-911 service.

Is your mobile number pre or postpaid?
Prepaid Phone Numbers must be entered manually
Preferred language for communication with the 911 operator

  • You are responsible for understanding how T-911 functions. For important information on how to effectively use T-911, please visit Tbaytel's T-911 information page.
  • Text with 9-1-1 (T-911) is the capability for Deaf, hard of hearing, or speech impaired persons to communicate with 9-1-1 services using wireless-based text messaging.T-911 is only to be used by Deaf, hard of hearing and/or speech impaired persons. By signing up for T-911 you acknowledge you are a Deaf, hard of hearing and/or speech impaired person.
  • Only compatible mobile phones will support T-911. It is solely your responsibility to ensure your mobile phone is compatible with T-911.
  • T-911 will only work in Canada, and only in those areas in Canada where Enhanced 9-1-1 (E9-1- 1) is available and network upgrades to support T-911 have been completed. Please consult the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association web site for Text With 9-1-1 to learn if T-911 service is available in the areas where you intend to use wireless service.
  • Only the default texting application on your phone will support T-911. Using any texting application other than that which comes with your phone (such as a third-party texting app) may cause T-911 to not function.
  • Only those mobile phone numbers that successfully register for T-911 will have access to T-911 as available.
  • You are required to maintain an active wireless subscription for your mobile phone in good standing with Tbaytel at all times.
  • You must have a voice plan with the text messaging feature.
  • Text messaging cannot be blocked on your device
  • T-911 will cease to function:
    1. If you cancel your subscription with Tbaytel or transfer your mobile phone number to another carrier.
    2. If your Tbaytel mobile account is suspended.
    3. For a three (3) business day (Mon-Fri) minimum if you change your mobile number with Tbaytel.
  • You must be within coverage of cell towers in the T-911 served area for T-911 to work. If you are outside or near the edge of the T-911 served territory, your 9-1-1 call may not reach the appropriate 9-1-1 call centre and T-911 may not function.
  • T-911 will work only if your 9-1-1 voice call is originated on the Tbaytel network or its roaming partner networks in Canada. If your mobile phone displays "SOS" or the roaming indicator at the time the 9-1-1 voice call is placed, then T-911 will not function.
  • You understand that after dialing 9-1-1, you must wait for a 9-1-1 call centre's text message response before you can reply via text messaging. Make sure you and any users of T-911 are familiar with the nature and limitations of T-911.
  • You understand text messaging is a best efforts service and there is no guarantee a text message will be sent, delivered or received in a timely manner or at all.
  • Tbaytel cannot guarantee the delivery, compliance with and/or success of T-911. You will hold Tbaytel harmless in cases of failure to perform or successfully execute any T-911 service activity and in no event will Tbaytel be liable for any damages, costs, claims, losses or expenses that arise from, or are due to, any interruptions, delays, errors or defects in the transmission of an emergency communication that is made using T-911.
  • Your use of T-911 is also subject to the Tbaytel Mobility Terms of Service.
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