Latest technology that will have everyone cheering Latest technology that will have everyone cheering

Business TV Features

TV Features

Tbaytel TV will provide the best entertainment experience for your customers and employees.

Smart Set Top Box

Smart Set-Top Box

Tbaytel’s Android-powered set-top box gives you access to most other app-based services you know and love. Plus, with a compact design and Bluetooth remote, the set-top box can be easily hidden from view for a clean and clutter-free look.

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Catch-Up and Restart TV

Go back up to 72 hours in the guide to watch what you missed with Catch-Up TV or restart a show already in progress from the beginning with Restart TV!

Look for the catchup icon icon to determine if a show is available for Catch-Up or Restart TV.

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Cloud PVR

Cloud PVR allows you to set and view recordings from any Set-Top Box, record as many programs at once as you wish, and schedule to record a series or single episodes with ease.

Cloud PVR subscription required.

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Parental Controls

Enable restrictions for viewing to keep your TV family- and business-friendly

Voice control highlighted on a Tbaytel TV remote

Voice Control

Control your TV service with basic voice commands! Powered by Google Assistant, ask your Tbaytel TV remote to:

  • “Tune to channel (number)”
  • “Go to Guide”
  • “Go to Recordings”

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