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Compliment your true fibre Internet connection with added security and reliability.

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Web Secure

Web Secure is a cost effective, cloud delivered internet security offering for your business providing a secure connection to the internet. Protect your network from internet threats by blocking them before they ever reach your network or devices. Stops phishing, malware infections and ransomware earlier, identifies already infected devices faster, and prevents data exfiltration.

Tbaytel Web Secure

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LTE FailSafe

LTE FailSafe is an innovative backup LTE Gateway device that works seamlessly with your existing enterprise router in the event of an unforeseen disruption in your wired Internet service. Using state of the art “Wireless LTE technology”, that leverages Tbaytel’s robust mobile network, LTE FailSafe provides a secure, reliable LTE connectivity backup when you need it most. Explore how LTE Failsafe can keep your business running.

LTE FailSafe

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