Mobility Features

Enhance your mobile experience with these optional features

Streaming music

Speed Boost Add-ons

Now available in 3GB and 5GB options – Increase your 5G+ Unlimited Data Plan's full-speed data bucket any time with a Speed Boost Add-on. Get extra data for the remainder of your billing period without the hassle of changing your plan. Conveniently do it yourself from the myTbaytel App for iOS and Android

Speed Boost Add-ons

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Data Add-ons

Add additional data to your existing plan for the remainder of the month.
Not compatible with Unlimited Plans.

RoamAway DailyPass

Adding this feature to your account allows you to use your voice, SMS and data plan just like you're at home when you visit the U.S. or one of over 100 international destinations for a worry-free travel experience

$10/day U.S.
$16/day International

Billed each day you use your phone while travelling.

Visual Voicemail

Listen to and manage your messages with the simple push of a button.


Detailed Billing

View a detailed breakdown of all calls made and received from a single phone number on your account. This will display each call's time, duration, city the call was made from, and the phone number for outgoing calls.


Data Block

Disable data access on a single phone number on your account.



Service and support from the people who know your iPhone best.

Extend your technical support and repair coverage to two years from the original purchase date of your iPhone and add coverage for up to two incidents of accidental damage from handling. Whether you use your iPhone with a Mac or a PC, just one phone call can help resolve most issues.

Find out more about AppleCare+

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