How do I order Pay Per View?

Instructions for ordering Pay Per View

Pay Per View programming can be ordered in SD & HD from channels 760– 768

  1. Press the Guide button on your remote and navigate to the PPV channels.
  2. Use the arrows on your remote to scroll up and down through the PPV channels.
    The title of the event will be shown in the Program Guide along with the corresponding start time.
  3. From the Guide, press Info on your remote to display additional details of the event you wish to rent. 

    Details include:

    • Cost of the event
    • Length of the event
    • Time left - if the event has already started
    • Event summary – synopsis, rating, release date
    • You can also click OK on “More Showtimes” to find out alternative times the event  is playing or click OK on “Watch” to play PPV highlights of upcoming events.

  4. Press OK on your remote to select “Rent for $”
  5. If you have set up Parental Controls, you will now be prompted to enter your parental pin.
  6. Use the arrow button on your remote to scroll down to “Rent for $” and press OK.
  7. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

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