How to Use the Guide

Use the Guide to find and select TV programs, recorded shows, and rented videos.

User guide example

To find and watch a current program in the Guide:

  1. Press the GUIDE button Guide Button icon on the remote control. The Guide screen appears. High definition programs are indicated by the HD symbol HD icon. Restart enabled shows are indicated with the RESTART symbol Restart Icon.
  2. Use the CHANNEL/PAGE button and the UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW buttons to scroll vertically through the Guide.
  3. Use the RIGHT ARROW and LEFT ARROW buttons to scroll horizontally through the Guide.
  4. To begin playing the selected program, press the OK button on your remote control. If the program is currently available, it begins playing. If the program is not available because it is scheduled for a later time, a Program info screen appears.
  5. Use the ARROW buttons and the OK button to select one of the options provided on the Program info screen (RECORD EPISODE, for example), or use the BACK button to return to the Guide. The options provided on the Program info screen depend on the type of program selected and when the program is playing
Programming is available 14 days in advance – to browse upcoming programming, use the RIGHT ARROW to scroll horizontally through the guide.
TIP: Use the FAST FORWARD button to skip forward a day, and the REWIND button to skip back a day.

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