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Business owner setting their security system from a plane Business owner setting their security system from a plane

Tbaytel's Smart Monitoring

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Tbaytel’s Smart Monitoring through is a powerful cloud-based service providing the ability to manage security service remotely through a mobile app or web dashboard. With the latest technology and easy-to-use software, Tbaytel’s Smart Monitoring has features that include the ability to arm and disarm from anywhere, receive real-time notifications when events occur, generate custom activity reports on-demand, manage multiple sites from one platform and many more. If you are looking for the ultimate in control and protection for your business, Tbaytel’s Smart Monitoring powered by is the right choice for you.

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Unlimited Control

With Tbaytel's Smart Monitoring you can easily login and remotely arm, disarm or check the status of your security system from anywhere. If you or an employee forgot to arm the system at the end of the day, you can quickly check system status and arm the system remotely. Plus, with features like auto-arming you will never worry about your system being left unarmed again.

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Convenient Notifications

Receive alerts and notifications directly to your smartphone when events occur. An efficient way to monitor when your security system has been armed or disarmed and if motion is detected. Was there activity in a restricted area? Was the back door left open? Was a water leak or fire detected? Stay on top of operations even when your security system is disarmed. Security Camera

Smart Video

View your business from anywhere, any time with a Tbaytel Smart Video solution. A great way to keep eyes on your business when you can't be there. Receive real-time notifications on your mobile device when events occur and quickly review video clips on the go. With powerful video analytics built-in, you can target specific areas of your business to monitor and be informed immediately when pre-set motion triggers are detected - spot what's important, even if there's a lot going on.

Smart Office

Custom Reporting

Tbaytel's Smart Monitoring includes the ability to create custom on-demand activity reports from anywhere, providing a new level of remote awareness to help business owners stay on top of operations and make informed business decisions. Monitor your business activity at the touch of a button and view custom reports detailing a variety of different events including when doors are opened or closed, the security system is armed or disarmed etc.

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Connectivity at your Fingertips

Compatible with many of the devices you may already own, Tbaytel’s Smart Monitoring provides complete control of your business security from anywhere. Control and manage multiple properties all from one app or web dashboard, while providing peace of mind knowing your business, inventory, and equipment are protected at all times.

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Improve Visibility

  • I received a notification when a window was accidently left open after business hours
  • When the power went out at a remote worksite, I was notified immediately
  • An employee entered the office after hours and I received an alert with the employee’s name and the time they entered and exited the building
  • Activity out of the ordinary was detected at the workplace and I received an unexpected activity notification prompting investigation
  • An unknown vehicle was detected by my smart video camera after hours and I was able to review a video clip immediately and rule out a potential threat
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  • Without having to remember, my security system arms or disarms itself automatically based on my operating hours or I can program a custom schedule for each day of the week
  • An employee is no longer working for the company and I restricted their access immediately from within the mobile app
  • A false alarm occurred and I was able to cancel the alarm with the touch of a button on my mobile phone
  • My smart video camera keeps recorded clips of events that occur throughout the day so that I can go back and review if something unexpected occurs

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