Total WiFi coverage

No matter the size or shape of your home experience seamless, wall-to-wall mesh WiFi with Tbaytel's Connect Hub and Connect Extenders.

Connect Hub modem

Connect Hub

Powered by the Connect Hub, Tbaytel Home WiFi has many advanced features providing the latest and fastest WiFi technology for a truly exceptional in-home WiFi experience.

Tbaytel's Connect Hub Provides You With:

Connect all your devices

Supercharged with 2x2/4x4 MU-MIMO antennas and beamforming technology, Tbaytel Home WiFi provides excellent coverage and speed simultaneously to all your connected devices.

Optimal speed and reliability

With dynamic frequency and channel selection, your Tbaytel Home WiFi network automatically ensures you always have the optimal connection with the least interference.

Hassle-free WiFi

One network (SSID) simultaneously broadcasting both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands removes any confusion about which network to connect to. It’s worry-free. Just connect your device to your Tbaytel Home WiFi network and the Connect Hub will do the rest.

Need more WiFi coverage?

Pair your Connect Hub with up to four Connect Extenders

Connect Extender Mesh unit

Connect Extender

Ensure you have WiFi coverage no matter where you are in your home with the Connect Extender.

Regular Price: $99.95
(one time fee per unit)

Tbaytel's Connect Hub Provides You With:

Expanded coverage

For larger homes or busy households with many connected devices, Tbaytel Home WiFi allows you to expand your coverage to ensure those hard to reach places are covered.

Seamless mesh connectivity

Pair your Connect Hub with up to four Connect Extenders to create a unified mesh WiFi experience. Simply connect to your Tbaytel Home WiFi network and your device will automatically connect to the strongest signal.

Congestion-free WiFi

Powered with the same 2x2/4x4 MU-MIMO antennas as the Connect Hub, Connect Extenders further increase coverage and meet the demands of many devices connected simultaneously.

Actual WiFi performances are dependent upon network and device conditions. The 5 GHz WiFi frequency will only work on 5 GHz enabled devices. Many environmental factors beyond Tbaytel’s control may adversely affect WiFi performance. To receive a Connect Hub as a new customer, customers must subscribe to any Tbaytel Fibre Internet plan or High Speed Plus or a faster plan. Connect Hub must be returned upon cancellation or it will be billed out after cancellation. Hardware provided by Tbaytel, either rented or purchased, may be new or refurbished. *Connect Extender must be returned in like-new condition with power cord.

Many external factors beyond Tbaytel’s control may also adversely affect your perceived internet performance, such as:

  • Distance and/or congestion of speed test servers
  • Website traffic limits
  • Preset download thresholds from websites
  • Distance from source of content (e.g. downloading content from Australia)
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