Tbaytel WiFi App

Tbaytel WiFi App Tbaytel WiFi App

The Tbaytel WiFi App, powered by Connect Hub Plus and Connect Hub

The Tbaytel WiFi App gives you the ability to view all the connected devices on your network, including usage, set up parental controls, create a guest network, set network priorities and more. FREE with your Internet subscription.

The Tbaytel WiFi App is compatible with the Connect Hub+ and Connect Hub. To learn more visit tbaytel.net/HomeWiFi.

Tbaytel's WiFi App puts the control of your network in the palm of your hands

Available with Connect Hub Plus and Connect Hub

Turn off device network access

Pause screen time for family time

Turn Internet access on or off for a specific device

Set time limits

Set the clock to turn off TikTok

Establish profiles and set time limit schedules to turn Internet access off for specific days and times

Restrict network access by person

Disable WiFi until chores are finished

Turn Internet on or off for a profile

Available only with Connect Hub Plus

ExperienceIQ and ProtectIQ bring your network control and security to another level

Set content restrictions

Block sites for family friendly surfing

Restrict access to specific content, applications and websites for a profile you have set up

Pick which devices will receive higher bandwidth

Prioritize important WiFi activities

Set priority either by Internet activity type or by device, either for a set time or on a permanent basis

Receive alarms when content is blocked

Get real time protection for devices

Stop viruses and other malicious content from entering your network

Keep your family safe with enhanced protection

Add ExperienceIQ and ProtectIQ with your Connect Hub Plus


  • Provides enhanced parental control through various content restriction criteria, allowing you to restrict access to specific content, applications and websites for a specific profile.
  • Prioritize your network priority by type of activity or by device, either by setting time limits for priority or on a permanent basis.


  • Works quietly in the background on your Connect Hub+ to provide an extra layer of protection against viruses and other malicious traffic.
  • Data is scanned for malicious content and viruses, and automatically blocked with notifications sent to you if content was blocked from entering your network.

Free with your Tbaytel Internet subscription
Download the Tbaytel TV App from the App Store Download the Tbaytel TV App from the Play Store

Controlling your network has never been easier

  1. Download the App
  2. Sign up to create an account
  3. Enter your device info
  4. Name the network and create a password
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