How do I Connect as a Guest?

Even if you're not a Tbaytel Internet subscriber you can still access one of our many Public Hotspots

Look for a Tbaytel WiFi sign in the places you love to go or check out Tbaytel hotspot locations for an up to date list. As always, Tbaytel’s public WiFi service is free for everyone to connect and enjoy as a “Guest” or as a Tbaytel Internet Customer for an enhanced WiFi experience.


Guest Login

When you are at a Tbaytel Hotspot

  1. Open the WiFi settings on your device
  2. Select “Free Tbaytel WiFi”
  3. When the Tbaytel splash page appears, select “Guest WiFi”
  4. Select the checkbox to agree to the WiFi Terms of Service and click “Connect” to join Tbaytel’s Guest WiFi Service

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