How to use highlighting filters

How to setup highlighting filters in your Tbaytel Webmail.

You can use highlighting filters so that specific addresses emails are colour coded. These filters will only show up in Tbaytel Webmail and not on other devices you may have the email address set up on.

  1. Log into your tbaytel Webmail
  2. On the left side of the screen click on the gear icon
  3. Click on highlighting
  4. Fill out the title and criteria for the highlight filter and choose a colour. Click the Add to save the highlighting filter
    Tbaytel Email Highlight
  5. Use the check box to enable the highlight filters you want enabled. By default it will be enabled upon filter creation
    Tbaytel Email Highlight Enabled
  6. In this example any email from support shows red to the left and anything from test shows green
    Tbaytel Highlight Email Example

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