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Thunder Bay, Ont. (Sept. 21, 2020) – With many people returning to school, work and organizations picking up where they left off to serve communities in Northern Ontario, the Tbaytel for Good Community Fund Fall 2020 campaign is officially underway. From Monday, Sept. 21 to Friday, Oct. 23 at 4 p.m. Tbaytel is inviting teachers, students, parents, volunteers, not-for-profit groups, coaches, community members, associations and individuals from across its serving territory to apply for funding and make the places we live better through a project, idea or initiative.

“As our communities continue to re-open, we know there are so many incredible people and organizations out there with some great ideas that just need a little help to make a big impact,” said Tbaytel communication coordinator Jamie Smith.

“We’re hoping the Tbaytel for Good Community Fund can inspire those people and places to meet a need, find a solution or just have some fun and help their communities.”

Tbaytel will award project funding for four projects this year; two in the $2,000 category and two in the $5,000 category. The Tbaytel for Good Community Fund is designed to be inclusive, supporting initiatives of all different scopes. Submissions can be for anything from equipment and supplies to the development of new client programming. Past winners have included educational programming, community patrols, arts projects and more. The submission process is easy, and just takes a 60-second video and a few questions to be considered. Winners of the Tbaytel for Good Community Fund will be determined by public voting, which will take place from Nov. 9 to Nov. 20. Winners will be announced Nov. 30.

To apply for funding or for more information on the fund and past winners visit www.tbaytelforgood.net.


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