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July 30, 2021

For Immediate Release

Thunder Bay, Ontario (July 30, 2021) – Tbaytel has successfully bid for wireless spectrum in the 3500 MHz frequency band within the company's serving territory in the latest spectrum auction run by Innovation, Science, and Economic Development (ISED) Canada, bolstering its launch of next generation 5G wireless services throughout northern Ontario.

Tbaytel added an additional 40MHz to its existing 150 MHz in this prime 5G range, which is ideal for urban and suburban demands. Coupled with the 600MHz spectrum Tbaytel won in 2019, which is best suited for rural areas, the latest win strengthens Tbaytel’s position for addressing the long term wireless needs of customers in northern Ontario.

“With more than two dozen carriers bidding, this most recent bid has shown that Tbaytel can win in the hypercompetitive Canadian telecommunication landscape,” said Tbaytel President and CEO Dan Topatigh.  

“While advances in wireless technology change the expectations for what our products and services can deliver every day, Tbaytel will be able to meet and exceed the increasing demands for faster speeds and more capacity for the foreseeable future.”

5G service operates over traditional and new frequency bands in the low, mid and millimetre-wave ranges. It will bring unprecedented speeds, more capacity and transform possibilities for the people and businesses Tbaytel serves in northern Ontario.

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