Delivering the fastest speeds in town Delivering the fastest speeds in town

Tbaytel Fibre

What is Tbaytel Fibre?

Tbaytel Fibre is a 100% true fibre connection direct to each home. It is a best-in-class technology offering virtually unlimited Internet bandwidth and symmetrical speeds, meaning faster and more consistent connectivity. Tbaytel Fibre is always on and always superfast.

Awesome Internet

Benefit from blazing fast speeds

Surf, game, stream and share faster than ever before, no matter how many devices you have connected.

Person streaming a video

Stream with no interruption

Enjoy your favourite games and shows without lag or buffering. Tbaytel Fibre connects multiple devices simultaneously, letting you stream faster than ever before.

Person playing video games

Game with the best

Give your game a boost with faster response time and less lag. Tbaytel Fibre lets you access virtually unlimited bandwidth so games update quicker, giving you the ultimate advantage.

Person working from home

Work from home like a pro

Take advantage of fully symmetrical speeds to get the job done faster. Tbaytel Fibre delivers more seamless video calls and quicker access to files, making your job easier.

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Business customers: Tbaytel fibre services, with up to 1Gbps Internet, may be available upon fibre assessment

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Recommended System Specifications
  PC Mac
CPU/Processor Intel i7 or above Intel i7 or above
Operating System Windows 8.1 (64 bit) or newer Mac OSX 10.8 or newer
Disk Space 2 GB of free space 2 GB of free space
Memory 8 GB RAM 8 GB RAM
Network Interface Card/Network Adapter Gigabit Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet
Wired Ethernet Connection Cat5e or Cat6 Ethernet Cable Cat5e or Cat6 Ethernet Cable
(for optimal WiFi performance)
802.11ac 802.11ac
Internet Browser
Speeds per browser will vary,
ensure you are using the latest version
Internet Explorer 11 or newer
MS Edge
Firefox v43 or newer
Chrome v47 or newer
Safari v9 or newer
Firefox v43 or newer
Chrome v47 or newer

Currently, Tbaytel Fibre Internet delivers WiFi speeds that are faster than some of today’s most advanced smartphones, tablets and laptops are capable of reaching. Although download speeds up to 1 Gbps are possible with a hardwired connection under optimal conditions, maximum WiFi speeds can be limited by your device (smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.).

While today’s devices may not be able to reach Gigabit speeds over WiFi, Fibre Gigabit is ideal for delivering lightning fast speeds across many wireless devices simultaneously within your household without affecting the performance of each device – perfect for a busy household with many connected devices.

Many environmental factors beyond Tbaytel’s control may adversely affect WiFi performance. Overcrowding of available frequencies and interference can cause slower speeds and connectivity issues. Some examples of conditions and household devices that can cause interference include:

  • Distance for wireless access point
  • Maximum processing capabilities of device
  • Other WiFi enabled devices
  • Multiple or nearby WiFi networks
  • Floors and walls between your device and the wireless access point
  • Microwaves
  • Bluetooth devices
  • Wireless keyboards
  • Cordless phones
  • Baby monitors
  • Garage door openers

It is important to understand that WiFi signal performs very similar to listening to music in your home from a speaker. The closer you are to the speaker, the louder and clearer the music. As you move further away from the speaker and into another room, the quieter and more muffled the music – the same holds true to WiFi performance. Tbaytel Home WiFi helps minimize this issue by placing the Connect Hub in the optimal accessible location, with the option to add Connect Extenders resulting in better WiFi coverage throughout your home than ever before!

Many external factors beyond Tbaytel’s control may also adversely affect your perceived internet performance, such as:

  • Distance and/or congestion of speed test servers
  • Website traffic limits
  • Preset download thresholds from websites
  • Distance from source of content (e.g. downloading content from Australia)
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