What are the benefits of Tbaytel fibre?

Learn about what makes Tbaytel Fibre the best internet service in Northwestern Ontario

In one word – Bandwidth. Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be moved across the Internet in a given amount of time. The higher your bandwidth, the faster your upload and download speeds. Tbaytel Fibre provides virtually unlimited bandwidth, delivering more digital information more efficiently than the traditional copper cable.

Households are expecting their Internet to be able to keep up with their activity. With Tbaytel Fibre you will have the capability to do things like video calling, HD streaming, online gaming and photo and music downloading faster than ever before.

Fibre means no more lags or slowdowns for heavy bandwidth applications. With Tbaytel Fibre, your household can connect multiple devices using the same connection simultaneously - Tbaytel Fibre is always on and it’s always superfast. What once took an hour to download can now take seconds!

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