What is not covered by Wire Care?

Wire Care covers normal wear and tear of the wire and jacks inside the home.

Tbaytel Wire Care does not cover damage caused by vandalism, natural disaster, or as a result of an owner’s actions, either through carelessness or neglect. Wire Care does not cover new installations, moves, or changes.

It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure the wire meets the appropriate electrical standards, and that a reasonable effort is made to keep it in good operational condition.


Billable repair calls not covered by Wire Care or Tbaytel’s 90 Day Warranty

Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) (including but not limited to) Customer premise/owned phone:

  • Customer premise/owned router 
  • Customer premise/owned TV
  • Customer premise/owned answering machine
  • Other customer premise/owned (i.e. TV receivers supplied by another service provider, debit, fax, camera, laptop)


Repairs due to Customer Action (including but not limited to):

  • TV/DSL customer education
  • TV is on the incorrect input
  • Modem/RG is not connected to the jack
  • Phone is not connected to the jack
  • Helping a customer connect new TV
  • No power to equipment
  • Phone is off the hook
  • Phone is not set to touch tone
  • Equipment is unplugged
  • Ringer is turned off

Damage (including but not limited to):

  • Damaged buried wire
  • Damaged inside wire due to renovations
  • Damage caused by another company
  • Chewed wires
  • Water damage to wires
  • Water damage to equipment
  • Customer damaged jack
  • Customer damaged equipment

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