What is the policy for Mobility Hardware Commitments?

Learn how your Early Cancellation Fee (ECF) pays off the full mobile device subsidy.

The monthly Early Cancellation Fee (ECF) is the monthly value necessary to pay off the full device subsidy over the term of your contract. Each month, your total ECF decreases until it is paid off at the end of your contract which will allow you to upgrade without penalty. You can upgrade at any point in your contract provided you pay your remaining total ECF balance. For example, if your monthly ECF is $20 per month and you have 6 months remaining on your contract. The total ECF balance will be $20 x 6 months or $120. The ECF amount is based on the value of the device on your contract. Please see your local Dealer for more information on early upgrade options

For further information, contact, Tbaytel Customer Care at 807-623-4400 or 1-800-264-9501.

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