How do I cancel my Medical Monitoring service?

Complete the Medical Monitoring Cancellation Form and call the Tbaytel Monitoring Station.

Medical Monitoring Cancellation Form

To cancel your Medical Monitoring service, a Medical Monitoring Cancellation Form must be filled out in its entirety. For your convenience, blank copies of the form are also available at the Tbaytel store at 959 Fort William Rd.

Download the Medical Monitoring Cancellation Form here.

To avoid additional charges, all medical equipment (base unit, pendant(s) and lockbox) must be returned to the Tbaytel store located at 959 Fort William Rd.  If you are returning a Libris Mobile GPS medical unit, please unsure the device is powered down prior to dropping off at the Tbaytel Retail Store.  To power down, press the call button twice quickly; hold the second press for 7 seconds or until the device plays a message confirming your request to turn off.


Completed forms can be submitted in one of the following ways:

Scan the form and email it to

In Person
Forms can be returned in person to the Tbaytel store at 959 Fort William Rd.

Forms can be returned by mail to:

Tbaytel Security Sales
1046 Lithium Dr.
Thunder Bay, ON P7B 6G3

In addition to filling out the Medical Monitoring Cancellation form, you must also validate your cancellation request through Tbaytel's monitoring station by calling 807-345-2739 or Toll Free 1-800-893-2739.

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