How do I clear a trouble condition?


When a trouble condition occurs a trouble message or indicator will be displayed on the system's display screen or keypad. In most cases the message will also indicate what is causing the trouble condition, whether it be a tamper switch, an unplugged wall adapter, communication failure or anything else. During this time, the system may periodically beep to alert the user of the situation. The beeping will continue until the trouble condition is acknowledged.

Once a security system is cleared of a trouble - the system may still show a history of the trouble.  There are 3 methods you can use to try clearing the restored trouble conditions.

  1. Enter your disarm sequence twice  (4-digit code + Off, 4-digit code + Off)
  2. If that doesn’t clear it try arming and disarming your system 
    • Allow the arm to do its full countdown and arm before disarming
  3. On newer touchscreen systems the zone trouble should automatically clear or with the new Resideo ProA7 complete the following:
    • Touch the red trouble box in the bottom right of the screen and any existing beep stops
    • Select the Clear Resolved Issues button to clear them from the system memory
    • Enter your 4-digit code when prompted


Tech Support Tip: If you have misplaced your manual for the security system Tbaytel Technical Support can provide you with a PDF copy of the manual via email should you need it. They are freely available on the internet from the manufacturer of the system’s website.

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