How do I test my Personal Medical Alarm?

Learn how to conduct a test on your Personal Medical Alarm.

Remember to test your Personal Alarm at least once a month and record your results.

  1. Locate yourself near your Personal Alarm base unit and call the Monitoring Station at 807-345-2739 or 1-800-893-2739 option 1. Tell the operator you are testing your Personal Alarm system and provide your account number. 
    The best time to call for testing is Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 5:00pm.
  2. Press the EMERGENCY button on your Personal Alarm pendant. 
  3. Wait up to two minutes.
  4. The monitoring station will respond to you through the 2-way speaker located in the Personal Alarm base unit. 
  • If the signal was received, you have successfully completed your test. Ask the Monitoring Station Operator to restore your system. 
  • If the signal was not received, information was received incorrectly, or you did not receive a response from the monitoring station through the Personal Alarm base unit, you will need to arrange to have your system serviced by calling 807-345-2739 or 1-800-893-2739 option 2. 

Your Personal Alarm base unit must always be plugged into an electrical outlet and phone jack, otherwise communication cannot occur.  

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