How do I test my Security system?

Learn how to conduct a test on your Security system.

Security System Testing

As the subscriber, it is your responsibility to ensure that the System is regularly tested and maintained. It is recommended that each time you conduct a test on the System that you activate a different device from the previous month (i.e., a door or motion detector, etc.).

  1. Contact the monitoring station at 345-2739 or 1-800-893-2739. Inform them that you would like to conduct a test on your system and require the system to be put out of service for 1, 2, 3 hours etc. The Operator will require your account number, name and your All Okay Word.

  2. Arm the system. Open then close the door you would normally leave through. Wait approximately one minute for timing to expire, and then violate at least two zones (Such as walking in front of motion detector or opening a door or window not commonly opened).

  3. Once the siren has been activated, wait at least thirty-five seconds then enter the code to disarm the system. Call the monitoring station back and inform the operator that you have completed all testing. Confirm that they received the signals and advise the Operator to put the system back in service.

It is strongly recommended that tests be conducted once per month (minimum) and that the System be inspected annually by an authorized service technician.

Call Out List

Please ensure that each person you have selected for your Call Out List is given the correct information for the monitoring station, including:

  • Your account number
  • A key for your home and a code for your Security System
  • The contact numbers for the Monitoring Station - 345-2739 or 1-800-893-2739.

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