How to change a smoke detector battery

How to change a smoke detector battery that is connected to your security system

Before changing the batteries or moving any existing security sensors or equipment you will need to put your security system on system test. This can be performed by calling the Tbaytel monitoring station at 807-345-2739 and picking Option 1.

There are several different variations of smoke detectors that are compatible with Tbaytel security systems. Each variation will also have different battery requirements. Your particular smoke detector likely requires either CR123A batteries, AA Alkaline batteries or a 9V battery.

  1. If the unit is mounted on a base and you do not see a battery compartment, Turn the unit counter clockwise to dismount it from the mounting plate.
  2. Remove the old battery(ies).
  3. Leave the unit battery-less for at minimum 30 seconds for the system to detect the drop off.
  4. Install the new battery(ies). Be sure to pay attention to the polarity as to not damage the unit
  5. Reattach to its mounting base with a clockwise turn. There are usually arrows or notches so you know the unit is aligned correctly.
  6. Arm and disarm the system to clear the trouble condition on the keypad.


If you have misplaced your manual for the security system Tbaytel Technical Support can provide you with a PDF copy of the manual via email should you need. They are freely available on the internet from the manufacturer of the system’s website.

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