How do I reset my Smoke and CO detectors

How do I reset my detector that is connected to my security system

Smoke, CO or Smoke & CO detectors will sound when they have detected smoke or high levels of CO (depending on the detector type) and give an audible alarm giving customers warning to safely ventilate the area or evacuate while monitoring dispatches emergency services.

Once a detector has alerted to the presence of smoke or CO. The area must have been ventilated and cleared of the detected emission before the zone can be reset. You cannot bypass a fire zone. Smoke, Heat and CO detectors are fire zones, so they cannot be bypassed to silence the alert.

To reset all detectors you can do either of the following:

  • If your key pad has a reset button, you can press it for 2 seconds
  • Otherwise press *72 on the numeric keypad.

If the sensor alerts again then the area is not yet clear of the detectable emissions and you will need to continue to ventilate the affected area. Once the area is properly ventilated, attempt to reset the sensors again after one minute.


If you have misplaced your manual for the security system Tbaytel Technical Support can provide you with a PDF copy of the manual via email should you need. They are freely available on the internet from the manufacturer of the system’s website.

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