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With dazzling waterfront views and a complete casual fine dining restaurant experience, The Boathouse has been a Kenora staple for over a decade. Located downtown, this well-known spot is frequented by both locals and tourists year-round. In the summertime it’s a real treat, as guests can boat up right to the patio to enjoy classic offerings and an updated menu of various food and beverages. However, not too many people know about The Boathouse’s beginnings. The space was originally a watercraft gas and service station. Although repurposing the marina into a restaurant was rewarding, this presented significant technological challenges for Chad and his staff.
“There was no reason for the marina to have technology, so our services were limited,” says Chad. “Our debit terminals had SIM cards and worked like cell phones, our phone was old-fashioned, the TV used satellite, and our internet was severely lacking.”
Having limited technology and no internet for the restaurant created frustrations for the staff, hindering
their ability to run the restaurant efficiently. “For instance, debit terminals didn’t communicate well on
our patio, so the servers had to find a specific ‘sweet spot’ along the patio just to process orders,” says
Chad. But improving The Boathouse’s technology was not a simple solution, as the restaurant’s boat
launch would have to be dug up and a lengthy refurbishing process would be needed. At the time,
telecommunication providers were not willing to tackle this problem, leaving the restaurant in need
of an upgrade. When Chad contacted Tbaytel, however, they were more than willing to help. Tbaytel’s business solutions team installed fibre-optic infrastructure for the restaurant over only a few days. “This upgrade helped quite a bit. It was revolutionary.” The restaurant’s new services ultimately improved operating efficiency, business sales, and the customer experience.
The Boathouse now has high-speed internet for staff and complimentary usage for guests, with a functional point of sales (POS) system, and a telephone line with an auto-attendant option. With
the tech upgrades, Chad says that the restaurant operates smoother than ever before. “Internet
is a huge selling point for us now,” says Chad.
Patrons can easily run a productive (and scenic) business meeting, staff are able to process orders
immediately, and friends can share twilight photos of the beautiful waterfront views – all while enjoying the food and ambience that makes The Boathouse special.
For years, Tbaytel has partnered with local Northern Ontario small business owners to invest in better
technology and services, supporting the local economy and empowering the community. For people like Chad, Tbaytel’s business solutions are a foundational piece to the innovation and growth that helps them achieve their goals.
Contact our Business Sales team today at 1-866-999-0626 or visit tbaytel.net/business

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