How do I add a bill and go paperless?

You must have a myTbaytel account to add a bill and go paperless.

Note:  If you have added a bill to your myTbaytel account already, but have not yet subscribed to Paperless Billing, refer to the FAQ question "My account has previously been added to myTbaytel, how do I go paperless?"


Step 1: On your myTbaytel dashboard, click on the ADD SERVICE link.


Step 2: Add your bill by entering the account number, total amount due and invoice date from one of your most recent bills. Click on the ADD ACCOUNT button.


Step 3: Give the account a Nickname that will help to easily distinguish between each bill you add to your account. Click on the CONTINUE button.


Step 4: You will be asked if you would like to sign up for Paperless Billing

  • If you wish to go paperless, click the CONTINUE button.  
  • If you choose not to sign up for Paperless Billing at this point, uncheck the box. Click on the CONTINUE button.  Note, you can also change your bills to paperless at a later date.


Step 5: Once you have added your bill and gone paperless (or opted not to), a notification will tell you that you have successfully added an account.

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