How do I register for paperless billing?

Registering for paperless billing, requires you to first register for myTbaytel.

In order to sign up for paperless billing, you must first create a myTbaytel account.  If you already have a myTbaytel account, go to FAQ "How do I add a bill and go paperless?"

Creating a myTbaytel account

Step 1:  To get started, locate myTbaytel service at the top of the page. 


Step 2: Once you click to enter myTbaytel, you will be directed to the myTbaytel login page. Here you will be asked to log in or to register. Since you’re not already registered, this is the option for you. Click on the Registration link.


Step 3: Once you click the link, you will be asked to enter in your information and a verification email will be sent to your email account.


Step 4: Log in to your email account, retrieve the link provided and use it to verify your myTbaytel account. Once your account has been verified, you’re ready to start using myTbaytel. The next time you log in you will be brought directly to your new welcome dashboard. 

Now that you have registered for myTbaytel, go to FAQ "How do I add a bill and go paperless?" to add a bill to your account and go paperless.


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