How to add a US Daily Pass through the myTbaytel app

How to add a US data plan via the app

With the shut down of 3G in the US, all roaming customers must not have a US data block implemented on their mobile device. Tbaytel's roaming partner networks function on LTE & VoLTE technology which requires data to be unblocked so that your mobile device can connect to the roaming cellular tower.


Adding US Daily Pass via the myTbaytel App

  1. Login to the myTbaytel app on your mobile device/tablet
  2. Tap on My Services
  3. Tap your mobility account
  4. Tap More
  5. Tap My Addons
  6. Tap the + in the bottom right
  7. Select DailyPass US
  8. Follow any further prompts

If you get an error message or have difficulty with adding it from the app please call our customer service department during their office hours at 807-623-4400.

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