How do I activate/deactivate Call Forwarding?

Learn how to temporarily redirect all your incoming calls to any local, long distance* or wireless phone number.

How do I forward calls?

  • Dial *72 (rotary phone: dial 1172). Listen for three beeps followed by a dial tone.
  • Dial the phone number to which your calls are to be forwarded.
  • If the phone is answered, keep the line open for 5 seconds to establish the service.
  • If there is no answer or the line is busy, hang up and repeat first two steps. If you do this within two minutes, you will hear two beeps, indicating Call Forwarding service is in effect.


How do I discontinue Call Forwarding?

  • Dial *73 (rotary phone: dial 1173). Listen for two beeps and hang up.



  • When Call Forwarding service is on and you receive a call on your home phone, your phone will ring once. You can make outgoing calls, all incoming calls are routed to the forwarding number.
  • Calls forwarded to a long distance number are subject to long distance charges which will be billed to your account.
  • Call Forwarding service can only be turned on or off from your home phone line.


*Long distance charges may apply

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