How does Call Return work?

Learn how you can quickly and easily return the last phone call you received

How it Works

  • Dial * 69 to hear the last number to call your line
  • Select 9 to repeat the number
  • Select 1 to dial the number, otherwise hang up

Call Back Busy Option

  • If you reach a busy signal after selecting 1
  • Select * at the prompt and Call Return will keep redialling the number for up to 30 minutes
  • When the line is free, you'll hear a distinctive ring
  • Answer your phone during the distinctive ring and your call will be connected
  • Press * 89 to cancel your * 69 request


  • Call Return works even if you're on the phone and unable to answer
  • It will not return calls to some wireless numbers or to numbers marked "Private" or "Unknown"
  • If you try returning the call and the line is busy, Call Return will automatically monitor the line for 30 minutes and notify you with a distinctive ring when it is free

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