How does Call Waiting work?

Learn how to use the calling Feature Call Waiting.

How do I answer a second incoming call?

  • Depress the Link™ or Flash button or switch hook.
  • You will automatically be connected with the second caller.


How do I alternate between two calls?

  • Depress the Link™ or Flash button or switch hook.


How do I end the first call?

  • Finish your conversation and hang up.
  • When your phone rings, pick up the receiver and speak to the second caller.
  • Call Waiting will not work when an extension phone is in use on the line.


How do I temporarily turn off Call Waiting for the duration of a single call when I don’t want to be interrupted?

  • Dial *70 (rotary phone: dial 1170).
  • Listen for the dial tone and place your call.
  • Call Waiting is automatically turned on once you hang up.

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