What is a Cell Site?

Also known as cell phone towers.

Cell sites are the cellular user's link between their cellular phone and the carrier's phone system. These sites are the first place messages bound for the cellular user are guided, and the first place messages coming from the cellular units are passed through.

The most distinguishing feature of a cell site is its array of antennas. A number of antennas are used at a cell site with each antenna listening for signals in a specific direction or sector. The use of sectors ensures optimum results within a coverage area and they may be adjusted individually.

Each antenna consists of two antennas. One transmits and the other receives signals. Sending and receiving are referred to as channels and they are capable of handling a number of two-way conversations on different frequencies simultaneously.

Inside the cell site, the transmitters and receivers are connected to antennas, along with equipment required to monitor the operation of the cell site to ensure its working order. In addition, electronics are located at the cell site that is used to connect the cell site to the MTSO.

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