My phone is broken, where & how can I get it fixed?

Repairing a mobile device.

There are a few options available when it comes to handset repairs. If the handset was purchasedwithin the last 15 calendar days andyou have not used more than half of the usage specified in your monthly plan limits can have the phone returned, so long as there is no physical damage to the handset. The device must also be returned with all original packaging and accessories.


Things to do before a Repair

  1. Check your handset for latest updates
    • iPhone - Settings > General > Software Update
    • Android - Settings > Software Update > Download and Install
  2. Backup your phone to avoid accidental data loss
  3. Have all of your account IDs (Apple, Google, Samsung, etc.) and passwords ready


Tbaytel Cell Phone Repair

Repairs that are manufacturing defects and within 1 year of the purchase date - but after the 15 calendar days of purchase will typically need to be sent to the manufacturer for repairs.

Other non warranty related repairs such as cracked, damaged or defective screens, cameras, speakers, charge ports and batteries can be repaired by our local technicians and can usually be done within 1 business day. You can receive a free assessment of what work needs to be done and what costs will be involved in the repair.

Once the repair is completed you will be contacted by the store to come pick up your device. All such repairs are backed by a 90 day warranty so should the issue reoccur - please do contact or return to the retail store.

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