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How do I sign up for SimplePay?

SimplePay is now available at the Tbaytel Store or any Authorized Tbaytel Dealer.

Which devices are compatible with SimplePay?

You can finance any Smartphone or Smartphone Lite with SimplePay.

How many devices can I finance with SimplePay?

You can finance one device per eligible line.

How will SimplePay appear on my Bill?

SimplePay Installments and your monthly plan cost will appear as separate line items on your bill. Once the SimplePay balance is paid off, the SimplePay Installment will drop off your bill.

Can I make an upfront payment on Simple Pay?

SimplePay is only available with $0 down. The full remaining balance is split over 24 equal monthly payments. If you prefer to make a payment on your device upfront, one of our subsidized plans may be right for you. Visit the Rate Plans page to see all Tbaytel plan options.

Do I need to pay tax with SimplePay?

Yes, devices financed through SimplePay are subject to HST on the device list price less any applicable device discount. For your convenience, this amount will be spread over 24 equal monthly installments.
If you qualify for a tax exemption, simply present your valid identification at time of purchase.

Do I have to pass a credit check to qualify for SimplePay?

A credit check will be run for all new activations on SimplePay. Based on the result, a deposit may be assessed. It is important to note that a deposit is not treated as a down payment towards your device. The deposit will be credited to your account after 12 consecutive months of on-time bill payments.

What if I want to cancel SimplePay?

You may cancel your SimplePay agreement at any time. Upon cancellation you will need to pay the remaining device financing balance and remaining device discount balance in full. Since you will be paying the balance owing, the device belongs to you. A detailed breakdown of your SimplePay terms will be provided to you at time of purchase.

What is a device discount balance?

From time to time Tbaytel may offer promotional discounts on devices purchased through SimplePay. Should your SimplePay agreement be cancelled for any reason, you will be required to pay back the remaining device discount balance. Your device discount balance is the remaining balance of the discount received towards your device at the time of purchase. A detailed breakdown of your SimplePay terms will be provided to you at time of purchase.

Can I get SimplePay Financing on my current plan?

If you choose SimplePay to finance your device, you are required to choose a compatible SimplePay plan. There is no service fee to move from your current plan to a SimplePay plan. Visit the Rate Plan page to see all SimplePay plan options.

Can I include a phone case, charger or other accessories with SimplePay?

No, only the device price can be financed with SimplePay. Any accessories or additional purchases must be paid for at the time of sale.

Can I choose a shorter or longer term?

At this time, Tbaytel offers only 24-month financing terms.

*0% APR on approved credit with a 24-month SimplePay Financing Agreement (SPFA) and a Tbaytel SimplePay plan. Applicable taxes are spread over 24 installments based on the full purchase price of the device less any device discounts. A security deposit may be required. A SIM card fee of $25 will apply to new activations. Payment of outstanding SimplePay device financing balance plus any outstanding Device Discount balance is due at the time of cancellation. Sample pricing is subject to change at any time without notice and is not a guarantee of current offerings.

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