What is WiFi Calling (VoWiFi)?

Learn more about WiFi calling.

WiFi Calling lets you make and receive phone calls, plus send and receive messages, wherever you have a WiFi connection in places like basements, condos and tall buildings where coverage may be poor.

To use WiFi Calling, you need access to a public or private WiFi connection. The connection must meet minimum required download and upload speeds to support voice calls. Some WiFi connections may not support WiFi Calling.

WiFi Calling does not use up data from your wireless data plan. When you make a call over WiFi, you will be consuming data over the WiFi connection instead. Internet service charges and overage rates (if applicable) will apply in accordance with your internet service provider. To give you a sense of how much internet data is used, a one-hour WiFi voice call will consume approximately 75 MB of data over a WiFi connection.

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