How does Visual Voicemail work on Apple Devices?

Learn how to use Visual Voicemail with your Apple device

  1. After the feature is added to your account, text the word STATE to the number 4016 to activate Visual Voicemail
  2. Visual Voicemail will be active within minutes
NOTE: A data plan is required as iPhone Visual Voicemail is not available through WiFi. You can still access your regular voicemail in the traditional method by pressing and holding the “1” key on your Apple iPhone. A standard or Enhanced Voicemail subscription is also required.
Click here to learn how do I subscribe to Visual Voicemail.
Click here to learn how to activate Visual Voicemail.
Click here to learn how to record a greeting.
Click here to learn how to retrieve messages.
To learn more about this and other mobility features click here.

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