How do I switch between the Wifi network and the mobile network during a call?

What will happen when you move between WiFi calling, LTE calling and HSPA calling.

In most cases, when you have access to both the mobile network and Wi-Fi Calling (e.g., you have a Wi-Fi connection that is strong enough to be useable), your device will automatically default to using Wi-Fi Calling. This applies both when you are within Canada and when you are roaming outside of Canada.

When you move between WiFi Calling and the mobile network, your call will drop. To ensure your call does not drop, you should remain in your WiFi or mobile network’s range for the duration of the call. However, if you have an Apple VoLTE-enabled device or an Android VoLTE-enabled device with the Wi-Fi Calling-preferred setting on and you are moving between Wi-Fi Calling and our LTE network, your call should not drop.

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