Are there any charges to the homeowner for the installation of the outside telephone service wire?

Charges associated with the installation of the outside telephone service wire are dependent on each scenario.

The installation of the outside wire and conduit in an existing trench is Tbaytel’s responsibility if the required amounts fall within Tbaytel’s standard installation guidelines. If the amounts exceed the standard installation guidelines, additional charges will apply. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to arrange and / or supply the path (trench or aerial pole), however, Tbaytel can provide the path at the expense of the homeowner.

Charges may also apply for the following situations which are individually assessed:

  • The length of telephone service cable required between the demarcation point (house) and the closest telephone facilities, exceeds Tbaytel’s maximum allowable amount (161 meters or 528.215 feet).
  • Unusual construction circumstances that will be assessed on a case by case basis.
    • i.e. Construction trailer on a job site, rough terrain such as rock, swamp, hills, bush, etc.
  • A construction charge quotation can be requested by calling Tbaytel’s Customer Care department.

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