Whose responsibility is it to install the outside telephone wire for a newly constructed home?

The outside telephone wire must be supplied and installed by Tbaytel, however, supplying the path is the responsibility of the homeowner.

When a new house is constructed, the outside telephone wire must be supplied and installed by Tbaytel. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to supply the path for the outside telephone wire with either an underground trench for a buried cable or a customer provided pole for an aerial cable.

The path should start at either the NID (Network Interface Device) outside of the house or the entrance point leading to the ONT inside of the house and stop at either the designated pole or pedestal or at the end of the homeowner’s property line.

The customer is not permitted to extend a trench to city / municipally owned property including easements, laneways etc. It is Tbaytel’s responsibility to extend the path from the customer’s property line to the designated pole or pedestal.

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